What Differentiates Us From Other Turnkey Companies?

True Turnkey was founded on the premise that we could redefine the definition of what a ‘turnkey’ investment property was. For years now the term ‘turnkey’ has slowly deviated from its original intended meaning to something that makes its easy for those who are selling them.

Providers today call a property a ‘turnkey’ property for a variety of reasons, none of which clearly meet our standards. We regularly see individuals being persuaded to purchase a property prior to renovation or 

purchase a vacant property with the seller’s guarantee to cover the rent until a tenant is found and a lease is signed. With True Turnkey, everything’s already done before we even market the property to a buyer.  An authentic ‘turnkey’ property has been, recently renovated, leased to a qualified tenant and generating cash flow on day #1.

If all of those boxes are not checked off it’s not a ‘turnkey’ investment property. In real estate investing this would simply be referred to as an investment property. Investors can simply buy these types of properties without the need for a middle man that calls themself a turnkey provider.

True Turnkeys goal is to make our properties a 100% passive investment that allows our clients to be cash flowing immediately.  There are many companies that don’t check off all of the required boxes like we do before selling them. In this instance investors are actually accumulating a negative cash balance while waiting for their property to start generating cash flow. The main benefit to purchasing a ‘turnkey’ investment is the projected first year income and return an investor will receive along with the work that goes into having already been completed.