Our Story

I’ve always believed in real estate investing because I’ve seen the fruit of its returns firsthand.

In fact, I spent 19 years investing in real estate on Long Island, New York. I bought and sold hotels, office buildings and single family rentals. That's where I learned that nothing’s more satisfying than connecting people with the right properties– properties that defined their future.

In 2010 I founded a company outside the real estate niche, but no sooner did I sell it to return to my real estate roots.

I just couldn't shake my desire to find the winning strategy– one that would not only earn income, but one that I could pass on for generations to come.

So from my small office in Oyster Bay, NY my team and I vetted hundreds of local real estate opportunities. I was averse to risk. In the end we only closed a few deals. Ultimately, we were unable to pull the trigger on any single-family rentals that fit our criteria.

The problem was that the risks of the Long Island market outweighed the rewards.

The high price of entry, the carrying costs on vacant properties– namely the property taxes– and the potential for nonpaying squatters made it too risky. We weren’t convinced that buying in Long Island was smart and I didn't want to one day find myself in bankruptcy and/or foreclosure.

We still believed, however, that investing in rental properties was a solid investment strategy.

In 2015, I consulted an experienced investment company... What I learned changed my life. 

It wasn't my desire to build a rental portfolio that was the problem– it was the market in which I was trying to invest. In turn, I discovered a unique market where the 3 biggest obstacles I faced in Long Island were no longer a concern.

These savvy investors had found success buying and renting out properties in the midwest... and they were generating amazing returns! The market was landlord-friendly, it generated double-digit returns, and there was a seemingly endless demand for high-quality rentals. That market was Northeast Ohio.

True Turnkey's business model is simple.

We sell recently renovated, fully managed properties in Northeast Ohio to passive investors like you who want to hold on to them for the long-term rental income.

True Turnkey acquires and renovates the properties, while our third-party property managers lease and manage the properties. We then sell them to our clients with projected cash-on-cash returns of up to 11%+.

We've fine tuned everything and found a repeatable process that ensures you get the best passive returns possible. Every step of the process is executed with complete transparency, so that you can invest with confidence.

The bottom line: We do all the hard work so that you don’t have to.

True Turnkey is headquartered in Huntington, New York, with an office in Akron, Ohio. Our talented team has perfected the process, allowing you to get high returns at a low price-point.

If you're an investor like myself, who's unable to find attractive opportunities in your local market, you can benefit from our expertise. We want to help you to invest in rental properties that can create Forever Income for you and your family– for generations to come.

Being a landlord isn’t for everyone and this isn't a get rich quick scheme. After all, the formula for creating wealth in real estate is TIME! Our ideal clients are both new and seasoned real estate investors who are looking for passive income and value long-term sustainability and cash flow above all else.

Bradley Lopez