Earn Passive Income From Turnkey Real Estate

Purchase a turnkey investment property in Northeast Ohio for less than $59k and generate projected returns of up to 10% annually

True Turnkey Investment Rental Property

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6 Reasons to Purchase a True Turnkey Property

1. High Returns

Our goal is to provide quality properties with projected returns of up to 10%.

2. Low Prices

We focus on homes that can be acquired for $59k or less.

3. Home Warranties

Your property will include a home warranty for the first year of ownership.

4. Rent Guarantee

We provide a rent guarantee, eliminating risk if your property is not occupied at the time of closing.

5. Passive Income

Earn passive income from a professionally managed turnkey rental property.

6. Zero Headaches

Eliminate the headaches of finding, renovating, leasing and managing the property yourself.

What’s A $50k House Look Like?

The first thing many investors ask is what type of property can I purchase for $50k? The answer may surprise you. Watch the video to learn more. >>

Read What Our Investors Are Saying

As a seasoned real estate investor, I struggle locally to find cash flowing investments. Through my research, I came across True Turnkey. I was attracted to the low price points and high returns.

Malik V , Washington- 9 Properties

I have been investing in real estate for a decade. I decided to start investing in turn key and after some research decided that True Turnkey was the best fit. The buying experience was great. They have a great team that was quick to respond to questions I had.

Ryan O , Michigan- 1 Property

Although I was hesitant at first to purchase properties out of state, the staff at True Turnkey made me feel extremely comfortable and was with me at every step of the purchase process. Because of the experience I had with my first purchase, I have purchased 3 additional investment properties with them

Chandan K , Placentia, California - 4 Properties

I never even had to visit the property. The team at 'TrueTurnkey' provided me everything I needed to make an informed decision. It was my first out of state investment property and everything went great.

Christian H , San Diego, California - 2 Properties

Investing In Single Family Rental Properties Has Never Been Easier

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